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Primary Current Injection Sets Exporters
Primary Current Injection Sets

Primary Current Injection Sets

Leveraging on our extensive market knowledge, we Ajit Electronics are enagaged in manufacturing, supplying & providing a high quality range of Primary Current Injection Sets to our clients in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane & India. Testing Instruments design low loss and maintenance free Testing Instruments like Primary current injection test set for long life and easy to handling. The Primary Current Injection Set tests all parts of the protection system by injecting current to the cable/bus bars.

The application of the primary current injection sets is to ascertain the current carrying capacity of any conductor, insulator, connector. Primary Current Injection Set are ideal for any application in which it is necessary to supply a low impedance load with a controlled and measured heavy current. The sets are manufactured and supplied as per the customer's requirements. Our designer take suggestions from user and try to design easy to user for mobility and time saving accurate testing.

Primary Current Injection Sets

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