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Circuit Breaker Timer

These timers are Micro-controller based Digital timers and are very useful to measure close, trip and trip-free timings of circuit breakers.


  • Micro-controller based technology.
  • Very compact and lightweight.
  • Very accurate measurements.
  • Available with built - in thermal printer or Rs. 232 interface.
  • Economical.

When to check capacitance & Tan-Delta

  • During manufacturing process preferably at each stage.
  • In service & will be depend on rate of change of Tan-Delta Vs Voltage Vs Time (Month/Year).
  • Frequency of testing depends on history of past failures on same machine.
  • Frequency of testing depends on environmental conditions. More humidity, temperature, pollution would require frequency measurement of Tan-Delta.

Capacitance & Tan-Delta Test System (Model TD-1)

The instrument after some minor calculation directly gives the capacitance and dissipation factor (Tan-Delta) of the insulating material when used with the required power source. This is a battery operated instrument and very useful to monitor the insulation health of the insulating material as per IS. This instrument is specially shielded with high permeability metal sheets to avoid the effect of external interference.


  • Built-in protection : Instrument is provided with built in high voltage protection device which protects the instrument & the operator against failure of test object or standard capacitor.
  • Null Detector : Built-in battery operated null detector is provided which is most suitable for quick balancing of the instrument. It gives high sensitivity and accuracy.
  • ICU : Interference compensation (unit) is useful only in the case of heavy induction area so the to get the correct readings.

Technical Specifications

Range Up to 9999 milisecond
Display LCD type.
Accuracy 0.5%
Commands Close & trip for breakers
Trip free CO-C timing of breakers.
Reset Resets the counter to zero.
Input a) Potential free contacts across R-Y-B and common.
b) +ve and close or +ve and trip can withstands for 220V AC / DC and 6Amp.
Supply 230 V AC, Single phase, 50 Hz.

Special Notes

  • The timer will not start if all three contacts are not in same condition.
  • The timer will not start for trip free mode if all poles are not open. Display will state the condition of each pole.
  • Can check the bounce when close command is issued. Once all the three phases close put BOUNCE SWITCH to bounce position.The timer will scroll for R, Y and B phase with indicating No. of bounces and close duration for each bounce.
    Duration is indication by a, b, c and so on for 6 bounces. Each phase scrolled for approximately 6 seconds
  • If timer does not stop it will indicate that time has exceeded 10 seconds and it will be displayed according to phase.

Ordering information

Model Instrument
CBT - 1 Circuit breaker timer
CBT - 1P Circuit breaker timer with built in thermal printer
CBT - 1 RS Circuit breaker timer with RS 232 interface