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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer


Widely fluctuating mains supply is always a cause of concern to the user ofmodern precision and sophisticated electrical and electronic equipments,like computers& NC / CNC machine tools. Even the performance of more rugged equipmentlike induction motors & heaters, deteriorates with fluctuatingsupplyvoltage.

Servo-controlled voltage stabilizer is an effective & economic solution to this chronicproblem. These are made in large varieties to meet every need of all types ofindustries.


Standardmodels voltage stabilizers are made to following specification.

INPUT 180V - 260V 300V - 460V
    360V - 440V
OUTPUT 230V - 240V* 380 / 400V / 415V*
* Any one output voltage will be available
  • Non standard models are made to customer's specific requirements to caster any other input voltage range / output voltage / frequency / capacity etc.
  • 3 Phase models with single voltage sensing relay and single drive motor are suitable for fairly balanced supply voltage and load.
  • To over come unbalanced voltage and load conditions, 3 Nos 1 phase units mounted in a single cabinet and connected in star, are recommended.

Built in Features

A Voltmeter with switch to indicate input / output voltages.
Long term stability of ± 1%.
Output setting - ± 5 Volts by a lockable potentiometer.
High efficiency above 95%.
Indications for "Power ON", "Input too low" & " Input too high".
A drive motor of special construction having high torque, low speed output with instant start / stop / reverse characteristics.


Lower capacity units, up to 50KVA are in air cooled single unit construction. Higher capacity units will be in two piece construction for the convenience of transportation & installation. Inter connecting cables / bus bars will be provided with the equipment. Both sections will be floor mounting type, and either one or both may be oil cooled depending on requirement.


The voltage stabilizer works on a simple principal of adding or a subtracting a voltage to the supply voltage in appropriate quantity to correct it to the required level. This voltage to be added or subtracted is obtained from the mains itself, using a continuously variable voltage auto transformer, driven by a servo motor under the control of voltage sensing relay. This relay sense the output voltage continuously, compares with a highly stable reference and directs the drive motor to correct the output voltage to the set level.

Salient Features

Fully solid state voltage sensing relay using professional grade components.
No relay - No chattering - No RF interference.
Fast acting.
Fully tropicallised, most suitable for weather conditions prevailing in Indian sub-continent.
Variable transformer and voltage sensing relay-most important components are made in house under strict quality control.
Variation in the supply, frequency and load p. f. has no effect on the output voltage setting.
No harmonic distortion is introduced by the stabilizer.

Optional Features

Over voltage / under voltage protection relays.
Over load protection relay.
Remote sensing facility.