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Primary Current Injection Sets


  • Built-in micro controller based time interval meter can be provided.
  • Panel with easy & clear to read legends.
  • Continuously variable outputs.
  • Digital / Analog Ammeters.
  • Auto cut-off & output isolated.
  • Fully portable, table top models.


Protective devices such as relays, overload Coils, Circuit breakers and CTs etc. must be checked regularly to ensure that they are always ready to operate correctly. If a fault occurs in the equipment which they are protecting the system, Routine current injection testing will quickly detect faulty or incorrectly adjusted protection circuits / devices & will be possible to prevent serious damage to the system.

Current injection testing will check that the protective circuits / devices function correctly. It is usually necessary measure the operating time. Micro controller based time interval meter can be equipped with the current injection sets. Current injection stes are designed to deliver low impedance with a controlled & measured heavy current. This literature describes only the typical range of current injection sets. Instruments of different outputs can be supplied as per requirement.

Model Output Current AC Metering
AEP-1 1000A / 2 V 500A / 4 V 250A / 8V   A) Digital ammeter
B) Analog Ammeter
AEP-2 1000A / 5 V 500A / 10 V 250A / 20V  
AEP-3 2000A / 2V 1000A / 4 V 500A / 8V 250A / 16V
AEP-4 2000A / 4 V 1000A / 8 V 500A / 16V 250A / 32V
AEP-5 3000A / 2 V 1500A / 4 V 750A / 8V  
AEP-6 4000A / 2 V 2000A / 4 V 1000A / 8V  
AEP-7 5000A / 2 V 2500A / 4 V 1250A / 8V  

Brief Specifications

Supply voltage : 230V AC, 1 phase, 50 Hz.

Indications: Mains ON, Output ON, Output OFF.

Operation :Contractor controlled push button for output ON/OFF.

Protection : Fuse / MCB.
Over current trip protection.

Termination   : The outputs are brought out on the suitable bus bars.

The primary current injection testing checks all parts of the protection system by injecting current down the cable / bus bars. The application of the primary current injection sets is to ascertain the current carrying capacity of any Conductor, insulator, connector or calibration of CTs / bi-metallic relays etc. These sets are available in single phase or three phase versions.