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Micro Controller Oil Test Sets


  • Microprocessor controlled, fully automatic test sequence, saves operator's time.
  • International specifications for testing insulating oil selectable form pre- programmed menu.
  • Operator defined test program facility gives wide choice of test parameters, viz, intermediate stand time and number of tests. " Quick test and Proof test" facilities etc.
  • Recall of individual tests including breakdown voltages, averages, and the test number, all displayed digitally.
  • Emergency exit allows the operator to quit the process.
  • Safety interlock on high voltage test chamber and zero start.
  • The sets are available with printer port and / or RS232 interface.
  • Available in AC as well as Dc outputs upto 100 KV.
  • Equipment to enable easy, accurate and safe measurements.


Theses test sets are used for determining the electric BDV of insulating oils, both new and in-service ones, used in transformers, switchgear and other electrical equipments. They are suitable for field or laboratory use and will test oil to many international specification.

Function :

Our instrument has advanced functions for fully automatic tests. They enable the operator to simply prepare an oil test cell, load it with sample oil, place it in the chamber and initiate the test sequence. The test set carries out, automatically (and if necessary unattended), the series of tests as defined by the selected oil test specification. On completion of a test sequence the average break down voltage value is displayed and the value for each individual test may be recalled.

"Initial wait time, rate of rise of test voltage, intermediate stir time, settling time and number of tests" : According to many oil tests, specifications are all pre-programmed into the sequence itself and kept the test program parameters stored in memory for use when required even after power shut down. A quick five-minute test sequence is available for rapid assessment of the condition of a sample.

"Proof Test" on oil sample can also be performed. These tests allow the operator to raise the test voltage to the level the operator chooses and retains it there for a maximum of a minute to see and increases until a breakdown occurs.

Sr. No Test Code Initial Stand Time (Sec.) Rate of rise of test volt. (Kv/Sec) Inter Mediate Stir (Sec.) Inter Mediate Stir (sec) No. of Tests. Remarks.
1 5Min : Test 60 2 30 30 3 Tests till breakdown
2 ASTM : D877 140 3 - 60 5 -Do-
3 ASTM : D1816 180 0.5 Continuous Stir 60 5 -Do-
4 IEC 156 180 2 60 60 6 -Do-
5 ISS 6792 600 2 60 300 6 -Do-
6 Custom Test 0-5994 0.5 to 3 0-5999 0-5999 1-888 -Do-
7 Proof Test "A" Proof Test "A" Voltage rise at 2Kv/second to user preset value, maintained there for one minute where upon voltage is removed unless breakdown occurs.
8 Proof Test "B" Proof Test "B" Voltage rises at 2Kv/second to user preset value, maintained there for one minute where then rises at 2Kv/second to maximum unless breakdown occurs earlier.

Brief Specifications

Output Voltage : 0 - 60Kv or 0 - 80Kv or 0 - 100Kv variable (Any one).

Supply Voltage : 230V AC : 50H, 1Phase.

Metering & Display : Digital Kv meter to read 0 to 100Kv test voltage. The LCD display unit will indicate all the parameters one after another as per the program.

Stirrer   : A magnetic stirrer is provided in the instruments.

Protection : a) Fuse
b) An electric circuit to trip the instrument when the leakage current through the oil under test will exceed the preset limit.

Safety Arrangement    :
a) Zero start interlock.
b) Oil chamber door interlock.
c) Low level, high level interlock for motor.
d) Fast acting electronics type current sensing circuit in the eventof insulation failure of the oil under test.
e) Facility to quit the process any time.

Cabinet : Powder coated sheet metal cabinet.

Printer Output : Printer Port for connecting 80 column dot matrix printer.

Optional : RS 232 computer interface.

Standard Accessories : a) Mains cord, detachable, 1.5mtr.long.
b) Oil test cell with electrodes.
c) Electrode spacing gauges 'GO and NOGO'.
d) Operating instruction manual.