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Losses Measuring Meters


  • Highly accurate and reliable.
  • Design with latest technology.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • Economical.


Transformer Ratio Meters are the most modern digital turn's ratio meters widely used to test the turn's ratio of high voltage windings to low voltage windings of any Transformer. These meters are accurate, compact & light in weight.

Technical Specifications

Input supply : 230 V AC ,single phase, 50Hz.0

Metering: a) Digital Ammeters - 3 Nos. b) Digital Voltmeter - 1 no. with selector switch. c) Digital Wattmeter 3Ø - 1 no. (LPF ).

Class of Accuracy :230V AC +/- 10 % , 50 Hz, 1 Phase

Basic handling voltage : up to 750V max

CTs required : As required, Epoxy resin cast.

PT required: As required.

Size : 325 X 325 X 200 mm Approx.

Weight : 10Kg. Approx.